Mr. Cosby

Sixteen women have publicly stated that Bill Cosby, now 77, sexually assaulted them, with 12 saying he drugged them first and another saying he tried to drug her. The Washington Post has interviewed five of those women, including a former Playboy Playmate who has never spoken publicly about her allegations. The women agreed to speak on the record and to have their identities revealed. Also, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst is yet another institution that has cut ties with Cosby due to the sexual assault allegations.


Aaliyah movie review

The Aaliyah movie aired on Lifetime Nov. 15, 8:00 pm sharp and millions of people tuned in to watch. After the first 10 minutes of the movie, social media was flooded with comments, posts, and social memes about how horrible the movie was. Timberland, a well known and well respected music producer had a mouthful to say about the not so excellent movie about his close friend Aaliyah; he too went on Instagram and twitter and expressed his feelings about the movie. ( He was very upset with the outcome and portrayals of characters) Wendy Williams, a television host and former radio personality produced the movie and bragged about how high the ratings were. “Well of course the ratings would be high, most of Aaliyah’s fans were too young and wanted to know her story but was completely let down”, said an anonymous source. Sorry Wendy, the movie was less than excellent.

New Boo?

Mama June has rekindled the flame with an ex….and it’s not with her recently divorced husband.

Back in early October, Mama June and her husband Sugar Bear announced their divorce. Since The split, Mama June has moved on to a new future with an old loved named McDaniel. Not a problem, only if this new-old lover wasn’t a convict and has been incarcerated for 10 years. Here’s the scary part, McDaniel is a sex offender, which is his reason for the prison time, and has been accused of touching one of Mama June’s daughters inappropriately. The eldest of the daughters explained to her mother that McDaniel touched her inappropriately and Mama June’s response was shocking. She didn’t believe her own daughter about her boo. Now McDaniel is back in the picture, Mama June’s daughter demanded that this convict will not be around her children or her. How will Mama June deal with this ultimatum?

Fat Lip

 Kylie Jenner has been turning heads with her recent juicy lip pictures on social media. Kylie, daughter of Kirs and Bruce Jenner and little sister to Kim Kardashian, has been going through multiple changes in appearance. From hair, to the way that he dress, and now these full LIPS! The question here is, are these lip injections or make-up?

Eye Change

Tamika “Tiny” Harris has been getting a lot of attention due to her new look including a new eye color. The reality star has been very open about getting other plastic surgeries like her breast and booty augmentations, but this one has people questioning WHY!? Tiny explained that for years she has been wearing color contacts not only for the color but for her vision as well, and she hated them. The surgery was not only for the color but she got her vision corrected too. “I hated wearing contacts just for the color and it made my vision blurry Blessed to say my vision is perfect after my ice-gray implants.”  Can’t complain about getting the vision corrected, but changing the color of your eyes to “ice-gray”…get real.

Baby Bumps?

In celebrity news, couples of all kinds are getting married and having babies, no big deal, unless your Kelly Rowland, Zoe Saldana, or Tyler Perry. WHY, because it was SO unexpected. Kelly Rowland has not been seen with a man in years and now suddenly she pops up pregnant, Zoe Saldana LIVES for all this independent strong woman who doesn’t need a man and now she’s pregnant, and Tyler Perry portrays a 75 year old woman ALL the time and has not been see or heard of dating and now he’s allegedly having a child. Surprise Surprise.

Diva Alert

Arianna Grande, actress and singer, is known for her phenomenal, Mariah Carey-like singing. Arianna can hit those whistle tone notes like Mariah, but what about that attitude. Arianna first appeared on the hit Nickelodeon t.v show, Victorious as “Cat”, the ditzy high school girl. The spin off show, Sam & Cat also featured Arianna, but as the show came to its end, Grande transferred over to singing. With her “good girl” image she topped the charts with songs like “Baby I” and “Problems.” That “good girl” light is slowly dimming now with her acts of diva-ness. In a recent event Arianna was asked to take a selfie by Giuliana Rancic Of E-News, she gladly took the selfie but demanded to retake them because the picture wasn’t taken on her good side. After multiple attempts Arianna gave up and deleted the pictures. Even after she walked away she sent an assistant to make sure the pictures were deleted. On a personal side, Grande’s diva-ness may have costed her some life guidance, meaning she caused her LIFE-coach to quit! Whoa Arianna.


After being such a controversial subject, Lifetime has released the first look of the Aaliyah movie, “The Princess of R&B“. Aaliyah was a famous R&B singer who tragically lost her life in a plane crash and has been remembered for years through her amazing music and movies. Not only was the subject controversial, but there has been complications with who will portray Aaliyah. Allegedly, Teyana Taylor, recording artist and actress, wanted to play Aaliyah, but Lifetime chose Zendaya Coleman, Disney actress for the role. Now, the movie features Alexandra Shipp after Zendaya dropped the project; she left because she was uncomfortable portraying Aaliyah.

The movie of Aaliyah’s story “The Princess of R&B” airs Nov. 15.

The Love

In today’s society it seems like people just can’t stay together; divorce rates are higher than ever. With that being said, Kris and Bruce Jenner are getting a divorce, they’ve been separated for some time now which lead to Kris filing for the divorce. Following behind her mother, Khloe Kardashian split from her new boyfriend  rapper French Montana after she caught him texting her best friend. Before this relationship with French, Khloe divorced basketball player Lamar Odom because of his drug abuse and other issues. Poor Khloe. Aside from The Kardashians, Mama June and Sugar Bear from the t.v show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, are also getting a divorce.

On the other hand, actor George Clooney tied the knot with Amal Alamuddin TODAY in Venice, Italy after being engaged for 5 months.